Irrespective of this, the UAW Mack Truck Council announced late on Thursday that an interim agreement had been reached and that it was suspending a nearly two-week strike. Mack`s workers must return to their workplaces. Mack Trucks has five locations in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida. The strike cost the company $450 million a week, the Center for Automotive Research estimated, halted production of key vehicles and will delay delivery of 2020 Midengine Corvette Stingray. The longest nationwide strike against General Motors in half a century ended on Friday, after a solid majority of the company`s union members gave their support to the four-year contract prepared by their executives. Sources said at the time that the meeting had revived the talks that had slowed down, but Thursdays and Fridays were among the toughest days of the months of strikes. The union said GM was playing games and was not taking it seriously. GM said the union was holding back and outlined its latest offer in a letter to all your employees, including the strikers. Lear Corp. said Friday that the six-week strike represents $525 million in lost revenue for the seat and electronic systems provider. General Motors Strike: „We must fight for what is right“ At the same time, the G.M agreement allows three closed plants to be permanently closed, including one in Lordstown, Ohio, eliminating excess production capacity at a time when car sales are slowing. It also puts the company in a more stable position when the economy enters recession.

„At the 17 October meeting, the Council will decide whether the strike will continue until the end of ratification or whether the strike will end when the agreement is approved by the Council,“ the union said. During the strike, GM said it had agreed not to increase workers` health costs and to provide some of the best health care in the country. The negotiations were conducted under a cloud of a corruption investigation that led to nine convictions of union and auto officials. A few days before the contract expired, Regional Director Vance Pearson was accused of paying himself expensive union funds and court documents in the case involving UAW President Gary Jones. Pearson was placed on leave of absence from his role two weeks after the strike. After a bloody six-week strike that cost General Motors and 46,000 UAW employees dearly, the union said on Friday that its membership had ratified a new four-year contract with GM with a margin of 57% to 43%, ending the strike. Workers could be back in the factories by Saturday. Picket lines that have been occupied 24 hours a day by workers at GM`s West Virginia, Texas plants in the six weeks since the strike began on September 16 will end. GM confirmed that an agreement had been proposed and did not provide further details.

GM`s stock rose 13.m a day after falling 10% during the strike. Share prices had recovered in recent days as expectations for comparison rose. More than 2,000 Kohler Co. union workers returned to work after Wednesday night`s vote to accept a new four-year contract, ending a four-and-a-half-week strike at Sheboygan County`s largest employer. The employment contract involves compromises from both parties on health care costs and a two-tier wage system that Detroit announced today – UAW announced that hourly workers, both in production and crafts, have reached a proposed preliminary agreement with FCA US LLC. „For many months, our UAW negotiating committee has worked hard for many months to maintain productive negotiations with the FCA,“ said Cindy Estrada, UAW Vice President, Director of General Motors and UAW, who reached an interim agreement on a new contract Wednesday on the 31st day of a national strike.