1. Your account does not contain enough credits to complete the transaction, or the transaction would exceed the credit limit of your overdraft account. 2. The cash management centre is not working properly and you know or have been informed by the service of the malfunction before making the transaction. 3. You have not provided us with the right names or account information for those individuals or entities to whom you wish to send the payment. 4. Your account or loan will be closed or frozen. 5.

You did not provide complete and correct payment information, including, but not just on the name, address, account number and payment amount. 6. You did not follow the instructions for using the service correctly. More information can be found in the „Positive Exceptions and Reports“ section in your user manual, as this manual and its components are updated and renamed from time to time. In the event of a conflict between this manual and the service actually provided at any given time, the functionality and service settings actually available are checked. If an account does not have sufficient resources available to pay a cheque or ACH debit station, the bank is not required to pay the cheques or ACH debit fees presented for that account. By using the service, you accept all restrictions, conditions, deadlines, conditions and service requirements that are managed and imposed by the bank`s online cash management system. Unless you and we have expressly agreed to another method of meeting our ACH reserve requirements (for example. B permanent holding rights in an account or loan) and if you have not fulfilled your obligations under this other agreement, you must pre-finance all ACH credit inflows.

The prefund or prefunding terms mean that we can, at the time of submitting your accounts, recover the total amount for financing and payment of (a) the credit inflows you subsequently received, (b) all debit, correction or cancellation items initiated under this EFT agreement have been refunded to the bank. , (c) our related fees and fees and (d) all other amounts that are then due in accordance with the EFT agreement. We will keep all the funds in advance that we receive in an account that we own and control exclusively until the current billing date. We reserve the right to withhold a percentage of your ACH parcels („ACH collections“) to allow returns in accordance with the rules. If you intend to use the service to create entries for the name or benefit of a third party who does not agree with us, the rules define this as the behavior of a „third party sender.“ We only allow you to act with our prior written consent as a third-party sender.