A was hired by B Pvt. Ltd. as a manager and obtained housing. Instead of paying for the accommodation, B deducted a certain amount of money each month from A`s salary. A was allowed to remain in this accommodation until he/she remained in B`s service. Since the right to occupy the premises was conditional on the retention of A in B, it is considered a licence grant. The inadequacy of the consideration is a fact that the court should take into account when considering whether A`s consent has been issued or not. 3) The question of whether leave and licensing contracts function as a lease agreement does not depend on the nomenclature used, but can the terms of the agreement be a holiday and licensing contract for more than 11 months? 5. A licence may be revoked at any time to the entertainment effect of the lessor, but the lease can only end under the terms of the lease.

With the start of India`s third wave of gridlock, the time has come for companies to coldly and carefully examine their depleted resources and find ways to cope with their losses. Due to the recent closure, although restrictions are being phased out, „non-essential“ businesses are forced to cease operations and are unable to access their leased premises. As a result, the need to terminate leases to reduce losses has become more important. Leases, whether leases or licenses, are part of the operating costs of an ongoing business. The terms „leasing“ and „license“ are often used interchangeably. However, it is important to distinguish between these two concepts, to understand the nature of the obligations of the parties arising from their agreements, and to find ways to end these obligations in light of the current pandemic. Statement 2: the agreement that is free from the promoter`s agreement is not refused for the sole reason that the consideration is insufficient; However, the inadequacy of the consideration may be taken into account by the Court of Justice in determining whether the promisor`s consent was freely given. What is the difference between the lease and licence agreement? 4.

The language used in the agreement would determine whether it is a leave and a licence or a lease. Under Maharashtra`s Rent Control Act, 1999, a leave and licensing agreement between a licensee and a licensee must be written and registered in accordance with the 1908 Registration Act. This means that this rule applies throughout Maharashtra and not just in Mumbai. 1. A lease agreement is a transfer of an interest in a particular property, whereas the licence is a simple authorization, without transferring interest. The withdrawal and licensing agreement is different from that of the lease. c) A licensing agreement is easier to terminate than a lease.