LEASING IMPROVEMENTS. The Tenant accepts that no landlord, modification or modification of any kind (except those in the attached additions) should be made on the rental surfaces or on the exterior façade of the building without first obtaining the agreement of the landlord in writing, without unduly delaying the consent and, subsequently, all rent amendments made on the premises that are attached or connected to the premises rented or connected to the premises. , the owner`s property. Expiration or termination of this lease. In addition, rent improvements can only be carried out in accordance with existing federal, regional or local regulations, regulations or regulations, taking due account of the nature of the construction of the building in which the rental premises are located. If the tenant makes improvements to the premises, the tenant is responsible for the payment. D. QUIET ENJOYMENT. The landlord undertakes that the tenant, when paying the rent and executing all the alliances provided in this tenancy agreement, will enjoy the premises in a peaceful and calm manner throughout his life. Restaurant rentals can range from $3,000 to more than $10,000 depending on the size of the space and its surroundings. bail. In addition to the above, a down payment of ________zinstragendes savings account as a guarantee for the faithful compliance with the terms of the lease. The security deposit should not be used to pay last month`s rent unless the landlord gives written permission.

If you`re still not sure, you`ll find more information in our article: What Net Lawman Business Leasing? 19.02 ESTOPPEL CERTIFICATE. The tenant agrees to execute, acknowledge and pass on to the lessor a written statement addressed to the lessor or any other party designated by the lessor, which certifies that the rent is fully in effect and valid (or if changes have been made, the elbe is fully in effect and applies in the amended version and with indication of the amendments). , specifying the actual start and expiry date of the rent, indicating rental and other costs, if any, payment, completion of rental premises on or before the date of this certificate and the execution of all preconditions for the entry into force of the tenancy agreement that the tenant has assumed possession as the term of tenancy has commenced , the tenant occupies the rental premises and is open to the shops, and indicate whether, to the best of the tenant`s knowledge and faith, there is a failure of one of the parties in the performance of a federal state, an agreement, a clause, a provision or a condition in that tenancy agreement, and, if so, any provision of that delay which the signatory may have knowledge of. , and the claims or objections invoked, if any, by the tenant, intend to appeal to such a statement, made pursuant to that statement, by the lessor or purchaser of the landlord`s statement and by any mortgage borrower or potential lender of a mortgage that relates to the rental premises or the property.