It`s just one point less than this movie. Mia had offered her novels to several film production companies, but was turned away until Starvision Plus turned the content of the novel into a film in 2019. [3] (Tells in the novel) His parents were friendly and supportive with each other, when Bian`s family went bankrupt, Tari`s parents helped get up, so they agreed to raise their child. Mama Bian was suffering from breast cancer and often contracted chemotherapy, so Bian received the match to make her happy. Meanwhile, Tari`s parents died in an accident during the high school dance, and since then, Tari has been cared for by Pakde and her home, who had no children. The story that Mia Chuz tells in this film is different from romance in general, which only emphasizes romanticism. The marriage agreement speaks not only of the love story of two people, but also of how a woman is dedicated to her husband and contains very important religious values. Sarah, who was back in good health to see Bian at home, waiting for Tari to come home, finally decided to accept that her relationship with Bian would not continue, Sarah told me that Aldi was still with her while she was downstairs and that she was marrying Aldi. Dance finally decides to go home, but she sees Bian and Sarah huddle around their separation, and lets Tari misunderstand, Bian tries to catch up with Tari, but Dance leaves Bian again. Wattpad itself is a website that allows its users to submit good works in the form of articles, stories, novels, poems, etc. This marriage agreement is one of Wattpad`s agreements. Please contact the author to get his novel mbk, 08158140664 My heart beats fast, as if he wants to jump. Tari takes care of the washing machine so early in the day.

Mrs. Darmi had permission because her son was sick, so she did her homework. At nine o`clock, he had an appointment with Dad to discuss the collaboration. He doesn`t like to leave the house in a mess. After washing, sweep and cheat. It mbak the two writers are also cool ya mbk doing his writing 🙂 Greetings the same mbk Mia you suddenly realized each other.. what their current position is. „Maybe you think I don`t care. But we`re the same. I`m not going to let anyone ruin my family`s name. then… You can keep my word,“ Bian said confidently.

„Finished,“ Bian says, tidying up the box, just before getting up. But Sarah prevented it. Bian`s movements stopped, he sat down and looked at Sarah sitting next to her. „Yes“? „I owe a lot to Pakde and home. Hurting her is the last thing I`m going to do,“ Tari said, holding back. then… I hope you never see him again. Accompanied by an irregular pulse. „Bian,“ says Sarah. „After dinner, can you help me change the loop?“ „Nothing,“ Bian replied, trying to smile. „After dinner, is there something you want to do?“ Just For You: #BukaInspirasi in Bukalapak TRUE STORY „Did I do something wrong?“ asked Sarah when Bian came out.

„Go down slowly,“ Says Sarah when Bian opens her guru. Bian went to see. He knows where it`s going to go. Sarah looked at him softly. Her lover`s face is getting closer. Less than a distance away. Suddenly, Tari`s watery face appeared in his head. .

Bian sniffs in silence. He turned around and walked on the front porch. „Call the cleaning service!“ cried Bian. Bian is clumsy when Sarah gets close. Instead of being happy, he felt something was wrong. „You don`t need to prepare for tomorrow?“ he asked. When`s the next chapter,,??? I can`t wait for the ending to be „A little bit.“ Sarah makes Bian work, and from time to time, he tells her what to do. „Take a taxi online only for a while,“ Bian suggested.